Hi! My name is Max and this is my blog (duh!).

I’m a software engineer based in Berlin, Germany. My passions are building open-source systems and their communities.

Ever since I started contributing to open-source projects I felt it’s how software develops most organically. I’ve made contributions to open-source software mainly in the distributed systems and database field. I’ve helped to improve the following projects:

  • Scalaris, a distributed transactional key/value store written in Erlang.
  • Yoka, a tool to run big data performance tests on cloud infrastructure.
  • Apache Flink, a distributed stream processing system with focus on reliability, correctness, and performance.
  • CrateDB, a distributed SQL database for real-time queries on structured and unstructured data.
  • Apache Beam, a programming model for batch and streaming applications, with a range of different execution engines.

Besides coding and technology, music and playing the guitar are what occupies my mind.

Hope you enjoy some of the content of the blog. If you have any questions, please contact me at max@maximilianmichels.com or message me at @stadtlegende.