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A Brief History of Open Source Open-source software (OSS) rules the world. Virtually any product, service, or platform is powered by or built with OSS. We carry OSS around in our pockets as Android or iPhones devices. Whenever we feel like it, we download OSS of... Read more

Kubernetes in a Nutshell: 10 Things You Need to Know Kubernetes changed everything about how we deploy applications. Yet many people struggle to understand the essence of Kubernetes. I’ve assembled the 10 most important things I believe everyone should know about Kubernetes. Read more

The Significance of "Upstream First" In open-source software, the term “upstream” refers to the main place of development. Many people talk about doing “upstream first” for open-source contributions, but what does that really mean? Read more

The 4 Pillars of Successful Open-Source Communities The community is the backbone of an open-source project. It establishes a framework for collaboration, innovation, growth, and sustainability. In order to for an open-source project to be a successful, it needs to develop a community. Read more